About Me


I am Tonesha Smith, The Artist, Photographer, Blog Writer and CEO of Tonesha Smith Photography and Optical Treasures Fine Art.  I am pleased you visited my website and made your way to find out a little bit more about me and my work.

Fourteen years ago, I began my career in New York City, shooting Weddings, Special Events, Elegant Parties and Portraiture.  Fourteen years later, my client to friend ratio has grown exponentially. I love how my passion for photography is shared by my clients with their friends and family through Social Media; I know my creations that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Today, I am an international photographer based out of the Atlanta, Georgia area.  In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with friends, embracing and documenting cultural differences near and far.  Most of these image made are shared through the Optical Treasures portion of my site.

Optical Treasures represents my fine art shoots, street journalism, travel gems and digital creations. Some of the images exhibited are available for sale in print or stock usage in the Optical Treasures online shop.

Other Awards & Certifications

My passion for photography has allowed me to grow as a person.  Wedding photography has taught me to use leaderships skills I never knew I had.  Tender moments and unfiltered conversations about self acceptance, self awareness and self love between my clients and me, when shooting, would often leave me wanting more out of life for myself and even more for my clients.  In my personal self-development, I studied coaching and earned the designation of Certified Life Coach through an IFC accredited coaching school.

Having worked over 22 years in Corporate America, I’ve had to ‘manage-up’ with my teams very often.  In order to succeed, I became interested in honing my public speaking and leadership skills.  Through Toastmasters International, not only have I learned to communicate better, I have earned the highest designation a member can receive, I am a Distinguished Toastmaster.

All of these additional skills have helped me to pay attention to details, become a better listener and good communicator with my clients.  The next designation, will be an Award Winning Photographer!