Summer Family Session

What a wonderful way to celebrate family pride. I had the privilege of photographing the Somuah Family yesterday. A typical August day in Atlanta means the forecast was either rainy or HOT. Yes, it was hot, but the session was fun! I had a pleasant time conversing with Grandma, Mrs. Somuah before we got started. I could tell this family session was intentional and very well planned just by the matching fabric worn. Although everyone had their onw style, I secretly wanted every dress, pants and corset worn by the ladies.

It was up to me to bring my A game with a traditional, but fun family session that would please the grandparents. All grandparents want bragging rights of the beautiful family in their legacy. I knew I had to make sure that the session was quick, engaging and hit all the groupings requested before it rained; before the babies got cranky and most importantly; before I ran out of time as the grandparents had a flight to catch in a few hours!