Jerri B

I love supporting black businesses, especially fellow black women entrepreneurs like myself…. but…. SERVICE STILL MATTERS!!! And all I have is great words for this Queen!
About ten days before Mother’s day, I reached out on social media for photography recommendations. I wanted to schedule a photoshoot ON Mother’s day for a group of TEN.  I knew it was a big ask, especially for any female entrepreneur who was a mother herself.  And yet….she responded. And she was available. And her fees were comparable.
  •  She was responsive to my initial inquiry and communicated well.
  •  Her reservation process was easy.
  •  She was knowledgeable and resourceful with suggesting color scheme and location.
  •  She showed up BEFORE the appointed time!! (THANK YOU QUEEN!)
  •  She was personable and took the time to observe each one of us and captured alllll the personalities through the lens.
  •  She worked well with all the different ages and temperaments.
  •  Her energy was joyful and she smiled the entire time. (it makes a difference)
  •  She captured exactly what I wanted, and delivered a full set of beautifully finished photos.
THANK YOU again and again Queen!
I can’t stop smiling when I look through all the pics!!! You got some great shots! I love the candid moments 🙂 I’m definitely creating a book from this photoshoot, for sure!!